Full Moon Communion

Full Moon Communion

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This event will take place 10/31/2020 in celebration of the Full moon. There are two scheduled group session where we will dive into practices that promote ancestral healing and one self guided practice that is optional. 

Ancestral Healing is a process in which we acknowledge our lineage and release intergenerational traumas and boundaries that no longer serve us. This is deep shadow work that can trigger a full spectrum of emotions. 

By participating in this event you will experience practices to help you connect to your body, honor your ancestors and express dormant emotions. Here's what the day will look like:

11am Sacred Union Activation: We’ll move our bodies in devotion while channeling the support of our ancestors. I’ll be doing this with my yoni egg as well, though you don’t need a yoni or an egg to participate. This activation is designed to trigger your senses and expand your energy to receive and attract Divine Alignment. 

Mid-Day Bath: I’ll be taking a healing soak in the tub with some herbal melts I had created and a few crystals. Join the mailing list by texting LOVERS to 28398 for the exclusive release. You can also message me for some recommendations for herbs and crystals for your bath. 

11pm Ancestral Meditation: This meditation will be catered towards honoring our ancestors and their transitioning onward. It’s gonna be a great opportunity to release blockages, behavioral patterns and tap into an infinite source of support and healing. 

All are welcome to participate. Group sessions will be held via zoom, the link will shared once you are registered.