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Hey Gang!

I have been going through some things(stay tuned for that story) and my hormones were all over and skin was jacked up...bad! So I made some soap and oil to get my face together. They are working out pretty good too! 

Long story short the oil is amazing, feels good, and smells bomb! However, the viles I got are not. SO! Instead of waiting for new packaging or wasting oil I figured I would let you all try it out first. I use it night and day after washing my face and love how quick it absorbs and how smooth my skin feels after. Sometimes the roller ball gets stuck, which is why I don't love it so I just remove it and pour a small amount of oil into my hands.


Ingredients: organic rose, organic calendula, jojoba oil

Size: 10ml roller ball bottle


If you purchase this product you will receive 20% off your next purchase when the product is released (with the right packaging). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
SharCarre Johnson
Silk for Your Face

I LOVE this oil! And at this point, calling it an oil is an understatement. This Heart of Milele Face Oil is more like a potion, a serum, or an elixir. I was nervous when I thought about putting oil on my face BUT when I tell you it provides more of a moisturizer vibe than what I imagine a traditional oil would give-- whew chile. It was literally like adding a layer of silk to clean my face. I love the roll-on container too, this seems small, but it is very convenient and easy to apply. Also, the light and natural scent was alluring. ALL I’M SAYING IS GET YOU SOME OF THIS OIL. I will definitely be getting more this oil because it is soothing, sexy, and so silky.

Tiaria Hill

Everything this girl touches is gold !! Grab the product now

Soft and Simple

This face oil makes me so happy. I like the easy application and the natural ingredients. I'm such a fan! Will definitely be ordering more!

Game Changer

This oil makes my skin so soft and makes my skin glow! I love it!