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Breakthrough Session

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Life moves fast and it gets very interesting. It's difficult when we're healing and intending to be our highest self but simultaneously also experiencing the ebbs and flows of life. 

The growth happens when we are able to sit with our triggers and struggles and still choose to respond with grace and love. By no means does that mean being a pushover, settling for less than we deserve, or engaging in things that don't serve our highest purpose. Unfortunately that's usually what ends up happening for the sake of "keeping the peace"

A Breakthrough Session was designed for those who are looking for immediate spiritual insight and guidance on interpersonal, professional, or intimate decisions but can't seem to get to past the brain fog and emotions clouding their decision making process. Or maybe you have a tough conversation that needs to take place but don't know how to effectively communicate what you feel with grace and love. This 45-60 minutes session is for you!

What you can expect:

Validation: How you feel matters and an active listener can help ease the pressure of whatever is bubbling for you at the moment. 

Accountability: We all play a part in the experiences that come our way. With this session you'll get spiritual insight on how to own your shit!

Empowerment: You can do this and I believe in you! Together we will discover the roots of your blockages and develop a solution that best fits your intentions. 

Breakout Sessions are limited to 5 a month. Books yours now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yaya Morgan
On Time!

It was definitely a life changing moment for me in the sense of confirmation. I knew that she would give me a different perspective but I didn’t know the impact of the difference she made, I realized that I needed to take my happiness into my own hands. The conversation was right on time!

Life Changing

Having a space where you can express your deepest thoughts without judgement is the epitome of a breakthrough.

Artheena allows space for you to vent then grounds you in perspective. It’s life changing to have that. Tap in and experience your breakthrough. 💛

Milan Sanders

I think the term “breakthrough” doesn’t even begin to epitomize what all will occur during this session. Often times I go into these sessions feeling lost, confused, and at times crazy, but I leave feeling grounded, at peace and with a new perspective. Artheena has the unique ability to make sure you feel validated, yet will give you that tough love similar to your grandma. During the session Artheena is intentional while simultaneously breaking through those barriers in such a way that she makes the once powerless regain their power. Book now, your soul and loved ones will thank you!