A Soulful Vibe

A Soulful Vibe

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Meditation: 6PM

Music & Poetry: 7pm


DESCRIPTION: Best way to describe this event is A VIBE! What started as a desperation for connection during quarantine has really become a necessity for a lot of us. 

A Soulful Vibe is a safe space to freely express your unique self and connect with the heart of the community, the people. The guided meditation is a staple and is different each time. Whether you are experienced with the practice, or never meditated before, everyone can find some benefit. 

What's unique about A Soulful Vibe is that you also get to enjoy local talent share their gifts of music and spoken word. If you enjoy neo-soul, melodic beats, and raw talent you need to bless us with your presence!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Aaron Tran
Amazing positive and soulfelt energy all around!

Chill, positive, enlightening, and healing🙌

Full hearts

Beautiful space, kind souls, talented performers, great products! This was my second time attending as an artist and it’s one of my favorite events I’ve participated in, to date!

Leonardo Mendoza

This was an wonderful experience with the mediation session at the beginning to welcome everyone into the space. The artists and performances were amazing!

A wonderful evening

I had a great time enjoying my evening at the Heart of Milele. The performers added very grounding and healing aspects to the night. I was grateful to hold such a cleansing and welcoming among black and poc people. I was welcomed with open arms and really appreciated how space was held and cultivated.

John Harris
Legendary Vibes

Beautiful brown people coming together in community to heal and share in the joy of music