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These herbal melts were hand created with shea* and cocoa* butter, oatmeal and coconut milk. Use to create sacred space for the body to relax while cleansing and purifying your aura.

The original melt is infused with dried sage*, almond oil, and frankincense essential oil. 

-Sage*: relieves sore muscles and aids in relaxation. It has antiseptic benefits and antioxidant properties that clear free radicals which reduces stress and inflammation. Sage is a purifying herb that can purge negative energy.

-Frankincense: a woody aroma that is calming and grounding. It's believed to increase spiritual connection and intuition by putting the soul at ease. The fragrance is deemed pleasing to the spirit world and is perfect for creating a sacred space. Also can reduce acne and reduce signs of aging.

-Oatmeal: soothing and can repair dry, inflamed, damaged skin, moisturizes the skin and adds an additional layer of protection to the body

-Coconut Milk: antibacterial, restores energy, moisturizes and promotes glowing skin, cools and calms the spirit

*organic, sustainably grown

Please note that this product is made with beeswax to hold the form while shipping. The benefits are from personal experience and have not be proven by the FDA.