Intuitive Private Session

Intuitive Private Session

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This is a 60 minute opportunity to align your energies and receive guidance on how to allow the body to process emotions and release stored memories of hurt and pain. 

During this session we will collectively activate the subtle and physical body through touch, movement, breathe, sound and other practices or techniques. The intent that you'll gain clarity, experience less stress and gain access to your internal powers. 

A 30 min discovery call is also included to connect and give insight to what you hope to achieve during our time together. . 

There will also be a follow up email with any additional feedback and tips.

Customer Reviews

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Vulnerability 🖤

Let me start by saying I did not go into my session blindly but however as man, I had no idea what to expect because this type of self-care was new to me. With that being said, I was unaware of the amount of stress that I carried with me into the session with. And I must add while I was unclear on what to expect, Artheena was very clear on what she does while she also continued to reiterate that I dictated the boundaries in our sacred space. By allowing me to put my guard down and relax, Artheena ultimately created a beautiful space of vulnerability for both of us. The massage was just as much mental as is was physical if not more. The process allowed me to focus on how I felt and why . I think this is especially important for men, because not often do we take the time to take care of ourselves in this way. No exaggeration, by the end of the session I was asking for another session, because it was an experience that I did not know I needed until I experienced it. Men, this experience is not just for women it is FOR US TOO!

An adventure!!

The tantric massage session was a new experience for me and I did not know what to expect. Artheena was very clear about what she does and allowed me to dictate the boundaries of our shared experience so that I would be comfortable throughout the entire session. FELLAS, I would highly recommend!! Through our experience we definitely connected in a way that was unexpected for the both of us and were better of for it.


Where do I begin? She is truly gifted and healing is her calling. She has a way of tapping in to your subconscious forcing you to face the very things you’ve avoided for years, but in the most gentle and nurturing manner. Sis is bomb and her intuition will never lead you astray


My private session with her was amazing. The emotions that were brought out seemed so unreal. She makes you become very relaxed and intune with yourself. I definitely received more than what i thought i would. 💕 much gratitude sis