It's Been a minute!

First let me say if you're new here this isn't gonna be a catch up blog, spoiler alert: pull up to the Lovers Gang Block Party this Sunday. 

It's been a while since I've written out my thoughts and I'm getting back to it to hold me accountable. So much has happened since open chest surgery and  Priestess School and divorce and launching Heart of Milele at the beginning of the pandemic. And truth be told, whole time I was appearing strong and brave... I was really afraid and running away from anything that felt like struggle, heartbreak, pain, or dis-ease. 

If you've been around through the years I've boasted on living pleasured based lifestyles and expressing your lived experiences. And while I managed to find some success in doing that, a lot my story was told without my input and I experienced a wide spectrum of chronic depression too. 

The struggle is real y'all. I refused to continue an unsustainable lifestyle in "the matrix" while living with Myathenia Gravis and other unnecessary drama. It was just too much...

It's been a few months since I really decided to accept that fact that I'm trailblazing my own way to exist in this world. Everything about my identity; mother, friend, businesswoman, lover, and human...

All things considered, I'm proud of me. And this point I don't care what people have to say about me. Slow progress is progress nonetheless and I'm bout ready to speak my peace. Not because I wanna set anything straight or prove a point, but because I NEED TO RELIEVE MYSELF OF THE BURDEN OF SILENCE. 

So, we're having a Block Party on Saturday and I'm doing a bunch of giveaways while we shoot the shit. Hope you can join us!


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