Heart of Milele

Like most people living in The States, Artheena has strived to live so many versions of “The American Dream.” She was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Life as a military brat led to her moving to Southern California where she studied Television and Film at CSULA. Artheena is a mother to two beautiful daughters. She has known poverty, divorce and is no stranger to physical trauma and heartache. 

Artheena knows the deep pain of being disconnected from her body, passion and bliss. And in healing herself over the past 2 years she has led a life of love and truth which has produced nothing short of miracles. Her journey has led her to Priestess School where she has journeyed to the Islands of Spain, Bali, and Egypt and trained for more than 250+ hours and has had the privilege to assist alongside Sofia Sundari as well spent 3 days immersed in the sacred feminine with Queen Afua. 

Artheena resides in Los Angeles where she is hosting sister circles and offering personal wellness sessions to help the community develop emotional intellect and regain their power. The time is now!


Artheena held sacred space for me during a tremendously tough time. Through her eye gazing practice I was able to release fragments of my past self and heal my inner child. I encourage anyone looking for a safe and sacred space energy to connect with Artheena and begin the healing you are looking for. She’s phenomenal and I would use her services again and again!


Thanks to Artheena I learned how to practice self-care and set up a sacred space in my home. I did a ritual that she recommended and afterwards I felt so open and connected. I have never felt so close and available to God


I had my first Yoni Massage done by Artheena.I have to say I was extremely nervous about the whole thing given it was my first time getting one done. I had no idea what to expect, nor did I have a clue what I actually wanted to come out of the Yoni Massage. Upon arrival she took great care of me andadjusted to my emotional state. She made sure to communicate what the process was and that if I felt uncomfortable it would come to a stop. We began in silence which was much needed due to my nerves being through the roof. The area that she had set upwas amazingly comfortable with candles, insence,and music. Most definitely calmed me down for what was to come. She made sure to communicate that she had no boundaries and asked if I had any as well. Verbal confirmation and communication was key. The massage in itself was amazing. The transfer of energy was something like I've never felt and it cleared a lot of toxic built up energy that I was harboring. It lasted for approximately an hour. The days after I could feel the difference all around, not just in my mood but also in my body. I felt better when I woke up. My body wasn'tas tense and bottom heavy. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Jonah (Swipe for more)

So much power OMG!!! I got such a feeling of strength from her and she really inspired me to make myself heard and gave me permission to let my wild woman out. Her combination of wildness and softness really taught me a lot!

Jaleesa J

Such a graceful soul with so much wisdom and deep emotions to share with great gifts to offer the world.